Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Group Reflection

Although it was a tiring day for everyone of us, we felt that it was an enriching and pleasant one. Many of us know where the Singapore River is, however we have never really explored the places around the Singapore River such as the Anderson Bridge and the Coleman Bridge. We were also surprised to know that landmarks like the Fullerton hotel, the Asian Civilization Museum, the new Supreme Court building and the old supreme court building were located near the Singapore River.

We enjoyed working together as we were able to spend time with one another after the school holidays. Apart from that, we saw many recognisable faces who were students studying from the School of Science and Technology. It was rather tiring walking around and exploring the landmarks around the Singapore River carrying our Macbooks as they were pretty heavy. However, that did not keep us away from our high spirits.

The challenges that we faced are we did not know the place very well, and thus we were very unsure of where we were supposed to go. Furthermore, as the tasks were released today, we had little time to prepare before setting off to the Singapore River. As expected, we were a little confused, lost and rather chaotic.

One area that we could improve on is to read the questions of the tasks properly and know the specific tasks that we have to do before going to the destination to do the project. This will enable us to be clear of the requirements, and reduce the chance of us feeling lost and confused as to what our assignments are. We could also improve on our team's communication skills, especially as to what each of our roles are and what are our individual responsibility.

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