Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Change and Continuity" in the river system/ river profile and ancient civilisation

Based on your observation along the Singapore River and inferences, explain the activities that are carried out along the river during the early days and present days.

There are former shop houses along the Singapore River which are now converted into restaurants. In the early days, people
probably use their shop houses for business, while living on the upper floor of the shop houses that are along the river. It is similar in the present days as business is still carried out along the river. However, the shop houses have mostly changed into restaurants and the business will only occupy the first level of the shop houses.

Using photographic evidences, do you think the shape course of Singapore River will change in the future? Justify your answers.

We think that shape course of the Singapore
River will change in the future because the Singapore River will be part of the Marina Reservoir in the future. Therefore the river must be kept clean and littering is not allowed as it would pollute the river and contaminate the water.

Identify one civilisation that you would discuss how people in the civilisation deal with their constraints and how their responses contribue to the social, cultural and technological changes that occured in Asia.

The Chinese response in China helped to contribute to the social, cultural and technological changes occurred in Asia

One of the contributions to the social changes that have occurred in Asia is religion. Buddhism is a widespread religion now and its evolution in China has shown how it has absorbed the local influences. This caused the religion to sink its roots far deeper and wider than in its country of origin. The country of the origin of Buddhism is India and it was
imported into China through central Asia's silk road with India.

Next is Daoism. In the beginning, it was a search for principles towards harmony with nature and longevity. Numerous saints and may folk practices have made the religion a popular one among many Chinese in Asia.

The cultural contributions that occurred in Asia were the teachings of Confucius. Confucius was a teacher from China. He was a great man who taught many students moral values and character. Until now, his teachings are still practiced by most of the Chinese around the world.

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